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Coastal inspiration for the home

This summer choose refreshing shades inspired by the sea and create a coastal inspired theme. You will find azure and turquoise blues teamed with hot pinks and corals, perfect for entertaining at home or in the garden.

The colour blue has long been known for its tranquil and calming effect. Create a place of sanctuary by layering linens with natural materials and clever details that include china seahorses or coral inspired napkin rings, mixing effortless style with relaxed living.

Add little touches to your table using air plants, succulents or cacti, bringing the desert to the seaside. The contrast of cool greens and blues with hot coral and terracotta conjures up images of Mediterranean islands and long summer nights.

Why not add a nautical theme with Breton-style stripes which pair well with other blue patterns. Mix your palette and choose complementary colours that include bright sunny splashes of yellow and brilliant pure whites. Introduce accessories with more industrial textures, including zinc and brushed metal and feature natural materials like rope, basket ware and whitewashed wood.

Shells and starfish are a distinctive and timeless decoration, scattered on the table between twinkling fairy lights and coral-inspired candle holders, all in all creating a magical Atlantis themed table for your family and friends to enjoy.

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