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Shining the spotlight on the charming Philodendron.

There are approximately 450 species of Philodendron, many of which are now in cultivation as food crops or ornamentals. In cooler climates they are grown as houseplants for their magnificent foliage and their tolerance of the conditions in homes and offices.

Philodendron means tree loving and most Philodendrons grow in the canopies of tropical forests in the Americas and consequently enjoy moderate warmth and shady conditions.

Many Philodendrons are climbers but amazingly when they reach the canopy often lose their ground roots and exist as epiphytes (plants that live on other plants). Even stranger, they can move around in the canopy to find the ideal spot by developing more stem and dying behind. Remarkably if the plant falls from the tree it simply grows new ground roots and starts to climb all over again.

The charm of Philodendrons as houseplants is the myriad leaf forms, colours and textures. They all start with heart shaped leaves but may go through several changes before they reach maturity.

There is a selection of various easily grown species in our glasshouse all of which will add a touch of glamour and elegance to your home.