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Nesti Dante – luxury soaps from Italy

The Nesti Dante collection of luxurious soaps has been a part of the Duchy Nursery Shop since it opened in 2011. These soaps represent so many beautiful elements that are close to what the Nursery cherishes and values.

The creator, Dante Nesti began making soaps in his home in Italy from the age of 12 and it has successfully evolved as a business without losing its integrity for the past 70 years. Using traditional methods and raw materials, Nesti Dante soap is completely natural, 100% biodegradable and against animal testing.

Enveloped in the most beautiful hand-drawn paper packaging, each soap transports you to Italy and beyond into a world of natural botanicals and florilegia.

When looking to work with a maker like Nesti Dante, our buyer Naomi will spend time researching their credentials and matching them closely to what the nursery wishes to represent. From artisanal methods, environmental and sustainable practices to unique packaging and a strong visual identity, the product must not only be fit for purpose but have an innate ‘wow’ factor that we know our customers will love.

The joy of working with a family-owned company like Nesti Dante is that you build a relationship that is more than purely transactional. They are quoted as saying: “We work not to be the biggest, but to be the best”.