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Welcome to our new Eco-Charger Quad!

On Wednesday 24th May, the Nursery took delivery of a new Pioneer Eco Quad from Devon based company Eco Charger. The Eco Quad is 100% made in Britain and is one of the only fully electric quads available on the market. The Eco Charger story began with a commitment to exploring the potential for the application of renewable ‘green’ energy in the manufacture of well designed, robustly built and sustainable ‘All Electric Quads’.

The Chugg family farm near Ilfracombe has been in the family since the 15th century. Fred Chugg and his wife Wendy set out to diversify the farm in the 1990’s, resulting in running one of the UK’s first and largest conventional Quad Bike experiences, employing over 40 people.

The Nursery Eco-Quad has been purchased to replace the old diesel tractor, providing a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative for day to day operations and deliveries. The Nursery is now electric only in terms of its service vehicles.

For more information on the Eco-Quad please click HERE.