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Trees in the garden

Rob has written this interesting piece on why it is important to plant trees and especially at this time of the year.

There are many benefits to being able to have at least one tree in your garden. From providing height and structure, privacy, shade, as a windbreak and of course the huge benefits to the local wildlife, attracting invertebrates and everything up the food chain. In an ever changing world, our gardens have become increasingly important as refuges and food sources for some of our most treasured and often threatened species.

Here at the Nursery we stock trees suitable for all manner of sites and situations, including many that can cope with salt laden winds in coastal gardens. Native, ornamental, deciduous, evergreen, flowering and fruiting trees with autumn leaf colour displays and others with attractive foliage and bark. From columnar to wide spreading or weeping. For spaces large or small, there are trees to suit.

Also, there are a number of large evergreen shrubs that are often trained as trees such as Portuguese Laurel (Prunus Lusitanica) and Arbutus Unedo (Strawberry Tree). Also some of the Myrtle family lend themselves to being pruned into lovely trees by removing the lowest side branches to lift the crown which can then be kept in shaped or 'cloud pruned' to create a Japanese style.

Luma apiculata with its small evergreen foliage is great for this as it is often multi-trunked so that lifting the crown will show off its lovely orange cinnamon bark.