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The Nursery Gin - the story so far...

The idea for a Nursery Gin started nearly two years ago, born from a simple idea of wanting to distill and capture the very spirit of the Nursery into an elegant and memorable gin.

Working with Colwith Farm Distillery, an award-winning artisan maker of vodka and gin, was an obvious choice. With potatoes farmed on Duchy of Cornwall land used as the main ingredient, there was a natural symbiosis and common ground (pardon the pun) between the two businesses.

Steve Dustow of Colwith Farm Distillery says:

"At Colwith, everything is delicately produced from scratch - on a single estate. In terms of provenance, authenticity and quality, put simply - it doesn't get any better. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience working with the Nursery who believe in the same values. Our crops are grown within a few miles of the distillery. Thereafter, every step of the production process is delicately carried out in-house. From preparing the wash, fermenting, distilling, rectifying and finally bottling. Even the water used in the production process rises from an aquifer situated beneath the distillery".

When deciding on how to create the gin it became clear that it was of paramount importance to use botanicals and ingredients that had an association with the Nursery. Working with Steve’s expertise in this area, it was felt that the key ingredients should include just a hint of rose, lavender, rosemary and bay. It also includes apples from our orchard and honey produced in hives near to the Nursery, which added a soft roundness to the overall flavour profile.

It is important to note that everyone involved was adamant that this should not be an overtly floral gin, in taste and its aroma. It needed to have a serious quality, be classically dry whilst capturing the essence of the nursery through its incorporation of botanicals and ingredients - making this a truly unique premium gin.

Karl Taylor, General Manager for the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery said:

"We wanted to create a gin that represented the heart of the nursery, from the plants to the people, our expertise and enthusiasm is what makes this place very special. We hope our customers will enjoy every aspect of what has gone into creating this very unique spirit".

Whilst the gin was being made, thoughts turned to how to create the gin into the perfect gift.

As a Cornish produced gin it felt right to continue working with Cornish-based businesses. Working with Sarah-Jane Humphrey, the Botanical Atelier who is based in Falmouth, we asked her to create an illustration that would visually define the gin.

Every detail was thought through carefully and precisely, ensuring the very best result. Working closely with Sarah-Jane and using the botanicals from the Nursery as her guide, she said:

“I have steered my illustration towards a delicate pencil and watercolour, influenced by Pierre-Joseph Redouté a much respected botanical painter of the 1700’s, and an undisputed master of floral art. Redouté was often remembered for his extensive collection of Rose illustrations. His work came with great distinction which earned him many paintings commissioned by the French Royals”.

It was important to see the illustration through the glass bottle, magnifying and enhancing the botanicals.

This is a proud and unique moment for the Nursery, bringing this very special gin to life. The Nursery Gin is now available to buy in the Shop, alongside limited edition prints of the illustration by Sarah-Jane Humphrey.

Available to buy online soon - watch this space!