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Make a statement with a large houseplant

Large houseplants are a great way to bring some greenery to your home but houseplants have an unspoken talent. In a British climate, it can be difficult to achieve an indulgently tropical ambience outside in the garden, that’s where houseplants exceed themselves. They allow you, the grower, to achieve a flora in your home that transports you to a faraway destination.

Here are our top 3 statement houseplants to elevate your home to a new level.

Monstera Deliciousa

With its architectural, glossy and perforated leaves, Monstera deliciousa is a timeless choice. It is easy to care for and fairly flexible when positioning within your home. It has a climbing habit and has a nice way of adding some height to your houseplant displays or to add some green life to a large space. Native to the tropical forests of southern Mexico, as well as living happily in other locations such as Hawaii, it’s no wonder this plant has remained so popular for such a long period of time, it adds a tropical touch to your home in an instant.

Phoenix Roebelenii

This indoor palm will bring coastal exuberance indoors and make you feel like you’re on holiday at home. It has a textured stem and fine feathery palm fronds which sit almost as wide as they do tall, meaning it needs plenty of space to show off its architectural profile. Native to south eastern Asia this houseplant can achieve indoors that which is hard to do in a British climate! Although labelled as a palm this plant doesn’t need as much light as other palms do, making it ideal for the indoor environment.

Ficus Lyrata

Also known as the fiddle leaf fig, this plant has huge glossy, fiddle shaped leaves with prominent veins. If you are looking for a plant with a difference look no further. Available in a standardised tree shape or as a single stem of sleek, polished foliage. The leaves of this plant are much larger than those of other ficus growing up to 30cm long. This plant is perfect for adding some green structure to your living space. Not only that, Ficus Lyrata have air purifying qualities and are able to cleanse the air in your home removing toxins and balancing the environment.