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Houseplants inside a large greenhouse on tables and a ladder.

Our Houseplant Collection

Collection of leafy plants on a stack of wooden pallets at the Duchy Nursery.
Miniature potted plants on a flaking wooden shelf inside the glasshouse.

Houseplants in their many forms breathe life into interiors. It’s been proven that adding plants to your home creates a sense of wellbeing and also adds humidity to dry, centrally heated houses during the winter months.

Pots of pink orchids and various houseplants inside the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery.

Grow your houseplant collection this year and see what a difference it makes to your home. Visit our Glasshouse, where we have the largest collection of houseplants in the southwest, from orchids to ferns, cacti and succulents to large and small houseplants of all shapes, sizes and colour. There's something for everyone, from beginners to collectors and for all sizes of home.

Collections of succulents in shallow terracotta pots at the Duchy Nursery glasshouse.
Monstera deliciosa plant in a pot at the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, Cornwall.

Our friendly nursery team is on-hand to offer expert advice. We've also created a handy Houseplant Guide to download, or you can pick up a printed version for free on your next visit.

Collection of miniature cacti in pots on a table at the Duchy Nursery.
Duchy of Cornwall Nursery glasshouse doors with people inside.
Citrus trees on a round table inside the Duchy Nursery glasshouse.
Green Hawaiian houseplants in grey pots on a rustic wooden table at the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery.
Dresser full of colourful patterned pots with a wicker chair beside it.
Wide view of the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery's glasshouse with a large houseplant collection.
Houseplants inside a large greenhouse on tables and a ladder.