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Natural Textures for the Home & Garden

Discover natural textures like bamboo and rattan. Partner with linen, cotton and natural wood - all perfect tones to weave into your decor for late summer living or all year round timeless style.

Pair organic textures, geometric patterns and blend styles together from cushions, throws, rugs even a mirror. Introduce colour, a lush green plant or two in a woven basket. Mix earthy shades together or introduce stand alone black for a bold accent.

Whether you are putting together a table for the garden, conservatory, kitchen or dining room, this natural collection is a timeless classic. If limited on space, why not choose just a couple of statement pieces that will draw the eye and deliver maximum visual impact.

A bamboo screen is perfect for creating privacy in open plan areas or just great as a decorative piece.

Create a table setting with slender wax candles available in mossy green, mustard yellow and stone white. Use glass bottles and wicker lanterns for candle holders.

Work with houseplants to add a touch of the tropics to your home. Choose small ceramic pots or baskets that will enhance the character of each plant. Also, why not try faux flowers, who have upped their game in the style stakes these past few years. Cleverly weave wild faux flowers through a rattan lampshade and create a stunning floral arrangement that will last longer than the summer.

Visit the Nursery Shop and discover a whole world of inspiring collections for indoor and outdoor living, carefully curated and chosen by our team, just for you.