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Dry brown tea leaves held out in the palms of someone's hands.

Tregothnan Tea

We're delighted to offer a handpicked range of Tregothnan teas in our café and from our shepherd's hut on the terrace. Known for their range of distinctive flavours, Tregothnan teas can also be enjoyed in our home brewed iced teas and also feature in our cold drinks menu.

Pink petals on the ground from trees growing at Tregothnan, Cornwall.
A round maze of camellia growing at Tregothnan, the Duchy Nursery's tea suppliers.

One of the largest and oldest Cornish estates, Tregothnan has been home to the Boscawen family since 1334. Within a special microclimate, they've pioneered botanical firsts for centuries, nurturing rare plants, shrubs and Camellia sinensis (tea plants). Tregothnan began supplying Britain’s first homegrown tea in 2005.

Green tea leaves growing in Cornwall in a walled garden at Tregothnan.
Tea leaves being freshly grown in Cornwall on the Tregothnan estate.

Using a blend of Cornish tea leaves with the finest leaves from Assam and Darjeeling, Tregothnan have created a unique range of black tea, green tea and herbal infusions all made with leaves homegrown on British soil, (less than 20 miles from here).

Find out more about Tregothnan tea on the official website.

Tea being handpicked at the Tregothnan estate in Cornwall.