Environet Japanese Knotweed Removal FREE Consultations

Visit the Nursery on Saturday 2 June and book a free consultation with Environet, experts of Japanese Knotwood removal.

Residents of Cornwall and the South West who are concerned about the spread of troublesome Japanese knotweed, can learn more about this invasive plant with a free one-to-one pop-up consultation at Duchy of Cornwall Nursery on 2nd June 2018 from 10.30am – 3pm.
Leading Japanese knotweed removal firm Environet has joined forces with the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery to educate people about Japanese knotweed, help them identify it and advise them on treatment options and their legal position if it is growing on or near their property. 
People can also find out more about what to do if they wish to buy or sell a property affected by the pernicious plant, which spreads rapidly and can wreak havoc on property if left untreated.

To book a free space call the nursery on: 01208 872668