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Cut Flower Workshop

We invite you to join us in the new cutting garden to talk all things floral, from seed to bloom.

26 Jul 2024
10:00 am
£40 pp

In this workshop you will be led by Elle to talk about the cutting garden and learn how to create a natural arrangement using seasonal homegrown flowers to take home at the end of the workshop.

With Elle, you will explore and learn about the cutting garden. With a range of colours, shapes and textures of flowers and foliage, we hope you will leave feeling as inspired by flowers as we do. We want you to take home what you have learnt, continue to make beautiful vase arrangements and ultimately create your very own cutting garden.

Workshop programme:

Arrive 10am at the Nursery and meet Elle by Kangra, the elephant.

10.15am - Take a tour of the cutting garden and have a talk on set up, seed sowing, flower selection. You will then learn how to cut, harvesting tips, conditioning.

11am - Coffee/ cake and a chat, up at the Tipi.

11.30am - Staying in the Tipi, there will then be a vase arrangement demonstration by Elle. You will then each be given flowers and a vase, to create your own arrangement under the supervision of Elle, to take home.

1pm - FINISH.

About Elle:

Elle has worked at the Nursery for many years now and her passion for plants has taken her on a journey to growing cut flowers and learning all she can about blooms and how to best create with those blooms. Learning from her experiments at her allotment and growing many types of flowers, join Elle to celebrate all things floral, from seed to flower.