Wildwood Fuel

These slow-burning logs are not just great for your fire, but also have environmental and sustainable credentials too...

Wildwood, is a local business set up by husband and wife Hugh and Tina Davis. Hugh’s keen interest in sustainability and background in forest management led him to identify an opportunity for a homegrown firewood business at Treworder, near Wadebridge, Cornwall. 

Working with the latest environmental technology, in September 2016, a biomass boiler-powered kiln was installed at Treworder by Kernow Firesin Wadebridge. The biomass boiler is a KWB 300 KW Powerfire, fuelled by waste wood from the logging process which is chipped and fed automatically via a large auger. 

The boiler heats 8,000 litres of water which is pumped around the wood kiln for up to six days until the logs are perfectly dry. The boiler has been designed to run a second kiln which is planned for the future.

Wildwood believe in helping customers save money on their heating costs. Because their wood is kiln-dried, they have a lower moisture content, meaning less energy is required to burn off residual moisture, so more energy is converted into heat.

The logs can now be bought at the Nursery, just ask one of our team to give you a hand to put the bags into the back of your car.