Vibrant Crotons

Codiaeum variegatum, commonly known as Crotons, are stunning foliage plants, grown for their vibrantly coloured leaves.

Croton is a Greek word for tick, because the seeds resemble the shape of a tick. There are various leaf shapes and colours and it’s possible to have different coloured leaves at the top of the plant, to those at the bottom of the plant. Leaf colours include reds, oranges, greens, whites, purples and yellows.

We have the following beautiful varieties in stock:

Codiaeum ‘Mammi’ has an unusual spiral leaf shape in a myriad of colours on the same plant, including reds and yellows.

Codiaeum ‘Nervia’ has an oak-shaped leaf with deep red, green and yellow and prominent veining on the leaves.

Codieaum ‘Mrs Iceton’ is a stunning croton; it has a typical leaf shape with pale pink and yellow, reds and greens on the same plant.

Here are some tips to keep your croton happy:

These plants prefer bright, indirect light and like humidity, so place your croton in an east-facing window in the summer and give it as much light in the winter as you can. You will know that your croton isn’t getting enough light because the leaf colour will fade. The easiest way to provide humidity is to group your plants together. Feed once a month with houseplant food in the spring and summer. Ensure the temperature doesn’t drop below 15°C at the very minimum and there are no cold draughts near the plant.