Unlock Nature’s Soil Secrets this Spring and give your plant’s roots a season long feed

Once you have chosen the ideal plant for the garden, what better start can you give your cherished one than to put its first roots into the finest, sustainable, peat-free growing media available?

Here at the nursery we use SylvaGrow on many of our plants and they wouldn't expect anything less! Awarded with an RHS endorsement and a Royal Warrant for organic growing media, it gives you the confidence that a good root system and steady growth is only a matter of time. 

As well as a complete range of growing media and bark, we also now have the new Melcourt SylvaGrow® Organic Multi-purpose compost. 100% peat free, this Soil Association approved, RHS endorsed growing media is suitable for potting on, planting out, raised beds and can be used as a growing bag.

Building up the organic content of your soil encourages microbes as well as beetles and insects which will take the nutrients down to the roots where they are needed as well as aerating the soil for you.

You will also find Remin here at the nursery, nature’s soil and compost regenerator.100% crushed and finely screened ancient volcanic rock from Scotland containing the full range of minerals and trace elements to help to produce fertile soil and compost and healthy, health-giving plants. Whether top dressing pots, topping up your wormery, or making your own compost, Remin will give better yield, colour, and flavour to your plants.

To complete our range of chemical free plant stimulants we also offer GroChar; enriched biochar combined with mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed, and worm-casts with no chemical additives. Used to boost vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and trees this plant-derived fertiliser gives and balanced feed as well as enhancing root growth. Apply as a top dressing or when planting and repeat every 4-6 weeks.

GroChar Soil improver has the same ingredients and can be used to enhance your own compost when added at a 10% rate to the existing media or to freshen up a plant border with a similar application rate.