Stylish Succulents

Discover our selection of stylish succulents in our tropical glasshouse, here at the Nursery.

We have a huge range of succulents and cacti right now in our glasshouse. These plants are loving the sunshine and can be used on the patio for an on-trend and drought tolerant alternative to bedding plants, or on your windowsill to green up your living space.

The succulent trend has been growing over the past few years, with more and more people discovering these fantastic plants. Reminiscent of far-flung places like Mexico and California, they add a certain feel to your home or garden as well as being very easy to care for and low maintenance.

There is a huge variety available here at the Nursery, all carefully chosen for their various assets, whether that be unusual leaf shapes, colours, architectural value or prickle factor! 

Did you know:

Succulents have adapted to their arid habitats by storing water in their stems and leaves for dry periods. Plants like this are called Xerophytes; some even photosynthesise in a special way to conserve water! Cacti have gone one step further to protect their precious reserves by modifying its leaves into spines to ward off those thirsty desert animals and reduce water transpiration! 

The common linking characteristic of cacti and succulents is the ability to store water in the leaves or stems enabling them to survive in arid habitats. All cacti are succulents, yet cacti are defined by the presence of areoles (specialised sites where spines form) whereas succulents have none.