Swap your Christmas tree with a structurally stunning houseplant

Are you mourning the loss of your Christmas tree now the festive season is over? Why not fill the space with an undemanding but magnificent houseplant. 

Come and take a look at the fabulous range of large foliage houseplants we have available in our glasshouse this January. Not only will they fill that Christmas tree-shaped gap but you’ll be bang on trend for 2019, where bigger is definitely better! 
With a plant to suit every situation, we’ve got you covered…

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful" Hazrat Inayat Khan

Venture into our glasshouse and start 2019 with a fail-safe resolution, to enjoy and be inspired by the huge variety of houseplants now available to collect for your home. From the trendsetting succulents and cacti that dominated 2018 but are still very much in vogue for 2019 to the larger scale, structural plants that will add living colour to a corner of your home. 

With our gardens looking bare and only just beginning to wake up from their winter slumber, we can make an immediate impact in our homes and this can appeal to green-fingered beginners, as well as those who have limited outdoor space or none at all. Houseplants are a simple and effective way of creating a green space within your home without any real effort. 

From the tough and almost indestructible, sun worshipping Yucca to the Monstera or better known as the Swiss cheese plant with its huge cut foliage and stems, both will create an instant Tropicana without the need to go abroad. The Kentia palm, a native of down under is also a great large houseplant to feature in a corner of a room that has indirect sunlight. 

Final thoughts go to the ever-popular and undemanding Palms, that will do equally well in full sun exposure as well as in direct sunlight. Look for Date Palms, Fan Palms or Bamboo Palms to be on trend or just ask one of our nursery team, who will happily talk through the different options available depending on your home and situation. 

We also have a large range of beautiful ceramic and ornamental pots that will partner perfectly with your chosen plant.