Rodney Davey Hellebores

In flower now until April, this stunning group of hellebores has been specially bred for their forward-facing flowers and beautiful marbled foliage.

Named after plantswoman Anna Pavord and bred by Rodney Davey, this is the first red flowering hellebore with marbled foliage. Now available in a kaleidoscope of colours, from the traditional Helleborus 'Molly's White' to the deep pinks and rich reds of H. 'Cheryl's Shine' and H.'Anna's Red', we have 10 varieties for you to choose from. Hellebores are a great food source for bees in late winter and early spring, as well as adding a much-needed pop of colour to your winter garden. 

Our care advice: Hellebores like rich, fertile, well-drained soil in dappled shade, preferably in a slightly sheltered position (perfect for woodland gardens, or borders with overhanging trees). Keep plants watered until established and mulch in spring.