Rob’s five reasons to plant a camellia…make that six.

We asked Rob, one of our horticultural experts, for five reasons to plant a camellia. So he gave us six!

1. Camellias have a huge variety of flower forms including single, formal double, paeony, double and semi double. They have a good range of flower colours too, from pure white through a wide palette of pinks into deep reds and even the odd hint of purple.

2. Camellias are tougher than you think! They are very suitable for coastal sites, except where extreme salt-laden winds prevail, then best planted behind a coastal “front line defence” hedge (especially on the north coast).

3. Camellias always remind me of Cornwall amd most particularly of our beautiful Cornish woodland estate gardens.

4. Not only are they a popular spring-flowering shrubs, some varieties also flower in the autumn and winter, in the case of the Sasanqua group.

5. The camellia is a multi-purpose shrub. You can use them in the back of borders, woodland edges, hedging, in containers (using Ericaceous compost). Camellias can even be trained against a wall.

6. Camellias are such a versatile group of evergreen shrubs  in the garden but never forget that  the tea plant is a Camellia. And you can’t beat a good cup of tea after a spot of gardening!