Plight of the Bumblebee Talk

Over the next few years we'll be working closely with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help save our native bumblebee, that buzzing cornerstone of our natural and agricultural environment. We've got plans for a range of activities and events, including a new bumblebee garden at the nursery. To kick off this new partnership we have Gill Perkins, CEO of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust coming to give a complimentary talk at the nursery on Friday 9th February at 6.30pm. Doors open at 6.00pm and complimentary tea and coffee will be available. Numbers are limited so please be sure to reserve a seat! To book please call us on 01208 872668.

The Plight of the Bumblebee - a talk by Gill Perkins, CEO of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Bumblebees are endearing and familiar insects. Their animated behaviour and deep buzz as they fly from flower to flower makes them a delight to watch. Bumblebees share a unique relationship with humans but their welfare is often framed in terms of threats to human interests such as economic impact, food security or production of goods. Gill will explore how these amazing creatures have their own intrinsic value and how all of us can help them to thrive. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was started in 2006 by Professor Dave Goulson and his PhD student Ben Darvill when their research showed an alarming decline with two species becoming extinct.

Biog: Gill Perkins: Gill has been an enthusiastic conservationist from a young age, starting with building footpaths in Devon. She has been a volunteer, an ecologist for the Lake District Special Planning Board and the highlight of her early career, was counting puffins for the Icelandic National Park (there were about a quarter of a million). After a career in business Gill eventually found her way back to conservation taking a sabbatical in Borneo working with a local community to restore rainforest and reporting to the United Nations on the project. As CEO for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, she has found the perfect channel through which to promote her passion for bumblebees and their protection.