Local apples for local gardens!

Our tree men Rob and Nick have selected some beautiful Cornish apple varieties for your delectation!

“We’ve got some wonderful local apple varieties in stock at the moment. Wherever you live, it always makes sense to plant varieties that originate from your local area.” Says Rob. “For one thing, these Cornish varieties are accustomed to the local climate, having been tried and tested specifically to flourish here. In addition, you can do your bit for plant heritage by keeping these unusual varieties going in order to stop them from being lost forever.”

“Rob and I have chosen our favourite Cornish varieties from dessert apples to classic cider apples. These are all sold as bare-rooted, one year old Maidens. A maiden fruit tree is a young, single-stemmed plant and they are absolutely ready to be planted out. They have been grafted on to a rootstock (MM106), so they will eventually grow to about 4 – 5m in height.” Says Nick.

All our bare-root Cornish apple trees are £19.99 each.

Currently at the nursery we have…

Bens Red – an eater from Penzance.

Cats Head – a cooker that dates back to the 17th century.

Captain Broad – a cider apple once much planted around Golant.

Collogett Pippin – both a cooker and a fine cider apple.

Cornish Aromatic – an eater that dates from 1813.

Cornish Gillyflower – a popular eater from Truro.

Cornish Honey Pin – an eater known for its honey-like sweetness.

Cornish Pine – an eater from Truro with a pleasant pineapple-like twang to the flavour.

King Byerd – a cooker that keeps well.

Lady’s Fingers – both a cooker and an eater.

Lucombes Pine – an eater but also known for its excellent juice.

Manaccan Primrose – both a cooker and an eater from the Lizard.

Sops In Wine – a juicer and a cooker, famed for its reddish-tinged flesh and pink juice.

Tregonna King – both a cooker and an eater from Wadebridge. Keeps well and good in damp spots.