Houseplants that aren’t afraid of the dark! By Ria Miles

Here at the nursery, I am often asked which plants would be suitable for a dark corner of the home or a dark, Cornish cottage. 

Finding a plant that will tolerate low light levels is easier than you think, so we have put together a few plants that are both beautiful and tolerant of these conditions, and all available for you to come and take a peek in the Glasshouse. No compromises here!

Zamioculcus zamifolia is a gem of a plant; also known as the ZZ plant, it requires very little water, particularly in winter and has stunning architectural foliage. Perfect for the forgetful indoor gardener! Look out for some of the new dark- leaved cultivars too. ZZ plants available from £9.99.

Fittonias are wonderful, low-growing foliage plants which typically grow on the rainforest floor, so naturally they will enjoy a shady spot. These plants are available in a variety of colours from marbled green and white to pinks, reds and oranges. Fittonias don’t like to dry out, so keep the compost evenly moist (not soggy).  Available from £6.99.

Sansevierias really are indestructible; also known as the snake plant, these plants have been around for years but more recently have had a re-invention. We have a huge range of these plants in stock, from Sanseveiria ‘Boncel’, a very instagrammable dwarf form to S. ‘Black Dragon’, a striking dark-leaved form. These plants have also been proven to purify the air and need very little water.  Available from £9.99.

Philodendron scandens is a tropical climber with glossy, heart-shaped green leaves. You can grow this Philodendron as a trailing plant (pinch out the tips to make a bushier plant) or a climber with some support from a moss-pole or similar, this plant will give your house a real jungle feel. The stems can even be trained across walls as ‘living art’. These plants tolerate low light and dry conditions too. Available from £6.99

Pothos is a plant that needs very little introduction, it is a trailing or climbing plant that is no trouble at all. It tolerates low light very well, as well as dry conditions. Often, variegated plants lose some of their variegation when placed in low light but this plant is special because it will hold its variegation in even the darkest of places. Several varieties available from £5.99.

Agleonema or Chinese Evergreens are stunning foliage plants, perfect for a shady spot. Choose cultivars with less variegation for a very dark spot and more variegated cultivars for a brighter spot. The lance-shaped leaved will brighten up a shady corner perfectly and are easy to keep if you can keep them warm and moist. Available from £12.99.

Cissus rhombifolia is a trouble-free trailing or climbing plant that is tolerant of low light providing it is not over-watered. The beauty of this plant is the dense vigorous growth and glossy leaves; new leaves have a gorgeous silvery sheen too. Cissus ‘Ellen Danica’ has an attractive oak-shaped leaf and is available for £22.99.

Nephrolepsis exalta ‘Bostoniensis’, also known as the Boston fern is a stunning indoor fern with a weeping habit and a great plant for that perfect ‘shelfie’.  Available from £7.99

Most indoor ferns will do well in spaces with low light levels, with the exception some of the variegated forms. Keep the compost moist but not wet, particularly with maidenhair ferns and you will be rewarded with luscious frond after luscious frond.