Houseplants make you happy

During the dullest months of the year, houseplants come into their own.

Benefits of keeping houseplants

During the dullest months of the year, houseplants come into their own. Add a splash of colour into your home with one of many different species of orchid or perhaps a cheerful Primula obconica. Even if you are short on space there is a plant for you; try an intricately-marked Haworthia or an Echeveria with their stunning rosettes in a range of patterns and colours.

  • Many houseplants purify the air. Examples include Spathiphyllum wallisii (peace lily), Sansevieria (snake plant), Ficus elastica (rubber plant), Hedera (English ivy) and Chlorophytum sp. (Spider plants).
  • There is a plant for every room in the house, whether it is cool or warm, or dark or light. Try an indoor fern for the bathroom or dark corner of the house; examples include Adiantum caudatum, A. hispidulum or A. raddianum. Or for a very sunny, south-facing windowsill a Kalanchoe blossfeldiana or Aloe vera with its many uses, or many of the exciting succulents, including unusual species of cacti we have available at the nursery.
  • Studies have shown that when plants are present in the home or workplace, people have an increased level of well-being, so houseplants make us happy!
  • Many houseplants are very low maintenance, particularly succulents, so even if you go away for a holiday or you forget to water them, these plants will thrive anyway.
  • Love plants with fragrance? These are many houseplants that have a great fragrance, including Jasmine, citrus, some species of orchid, Gardenias and Hoyas.
  • If you can’t get around the garden so well these days or are less mobile then houseplants can be a great choice, they are light and no digging is required!