Hairy pot’s have arrived

The Hairy Pot Plant Company has arrived at the Nursery.

Ria, our Nursery Supervisor has taken delivery this week of our first 'Hairy Pot Plant Company' pots and plants. Made using coir fibre, their journey starts in Sri Lanka where their production combines two natural ingredients and provides valuable employment for the local area.

The pots are made from fibres of coconut husk (coir), which are a by-product of the large Sri Lankan coconut industry. The fibres are then cleaned, graded, steamed (to get rid of any bugs and seeds), dried, roughly shaped and then coated with a little latex from rubber trees. They are then pressed firmly into their final shape, hand trimmed and then shipped to a Hampshire nursery, the home of the Hairy Pot Plant Company. There they fill them with tasty herbs and beautiful cottage garden plants, ready to sell onto businesses like ourselves. 

We're very excited to now be a part of this fantastic story and to stock such a great product. Make sure you look out for them when you visit us next and pick up a pot or two.