Feed the Earth

This week it’s all about preparing the soil for planting so there’ll be a bit of cultivating going on. 

To help improve the soil we’ll be making use of the compost that our favourite veg grower Ross Geach used last year for the padron peppers that he grew in our polytunnels. In addition we’ll be using some of our favourite environmentally-friendly soil improvers and fertilisers.

One product which is new to the Nursery and we think is fantastic is: 'Bloomin Amazing', a fantastic soil improver or mulch, produced as an organic by-product from the renewable energy plant which supplies green gas to the Duchy of Cornwall's Poundbury development and it's local area.

They say: "You can be sure that, just as Bloomin Amazing’s unique triple action gives your garden the best care and attention possible, you are also protecting the wider eco-system in which every garden thrives and belongs. Our commitment to sustainability also means that every bag of Bloomin Amazing soil enricher is guaranteed 100% peat-free".

This dig free triple action soil enricher helps suppress weeds, conditions the soil and continues to feed the plants. It is also pet and family-friendly and very high in organic matter, making it a perfect soil enricher and very effective weed suppressant.

At just £6.99 a bag, it doesn't cost the earth either.