Beech hedging

There's still time to be planting a lovely beech hedge now the snow has gone!

Beech (Fagus sylvatica) has beautiful fresh green foliage from the end of March and from the autmn it holds most of its bronzed leaves through the winter.  It makes for an excellent hedge in a rural situation but it can also be trimmed for a more formal situation. It will be happy with a single trim each year, usually towards the end of June. 

We have some excellent bare-rooted green beech 80-100cms tall and there's still time to get them in the ground. Bare-root hedging is a very affordable way to plant hedges, both long and short!

 A bundle of 10 is £32.00 but if you buy 5 or more bundles the price drops to £26.50 a bundle...but hurry as you'll want to plant these before spring really gets going and before they're all sold!