Becky’s Garden Tips for March

March is a dodgy month.  We can be gardening in T-shirts or looking forlornly at a grey, frozen landscape.  But optimism is a common quality amongst gardeners so we cross our fingers, hope for the best and get going.  

In the greenhouse:

  • Salad leaves, radish, spring onions and lettuce can all be sown in modules or lengths of guttering for transplanting later.  Leek seeds are best sown densely in a deep pot, and courgette and cucumber seeds on their edge in individual pots
  • Annual flower seeds can also be sown indoors
  • Annual climbers such as Quamoclit lobata, Cobaea and Rhodochiton are best sown early or they won’t come into flower until very late in the season
  • Overwintered succulents can be given their first watering of the year
  • Plant dahlia tubers and keep them moist but not wet


  • Feed your garden.  A sprinkling of all-purpose fertiliser such as Growmore will give your plants a good breakfast for the coming season
  • Slugs and snails will start to emerge on warm evenings to lay eggs.  A pre-emptive strike early in the season can reduce numbers significantly
  • Divide perennials as they are coming into active growth
  • Give your lawn its first trim, and feed
  • Lily and gladiolus bulbs can be planted in the ground or in pots.
  • Make sure all your roses have been pruned, and the plants are firm in the ground
  • Rejuvenate permanent container plantings by scraping off and replacing the top couple of inches of compost
  • Don’t forget to keep feeding the birds