Ann’s Article on Roses

We think Roses are coming back into fashion there is a colour and type available for any garden. From miniature roses for containers to large ramblers growing up to 4-5m in the front of your house.

They are generally very hardy long-living plants and easy to grow if you follow a few basic rules. Roses love sunshine (most varieties need more than half a day of sun), good heavy soil and they prefer some wind. They are lovely as cut flowers to take the scent into your house and brighten up your home.

Rose of the year 2020 is, ‘Sweet Honey’. This stunning variety has a creamy-apricot flower and a fruity fragrance.  ‘Sweet Honey’ is a Floribunda type rose with large clusters of elegant hybrid tea shaped flowers. It has been selected by the rose breeders for its outstanding disease resistance, strong bushy upright growth (100cm) and dark green foliage. 

Another one to look out for is ‘ Starlight Symphony’ (Rose of the year 2019) and it is our new top-selling climber. The flowers are produced throughout the summer in large clusters of scented pure white flowers and they reveal prominent pink-tinged stamen which are very attractive to pollinating insects.  This healthy plant can reach up to 3m in height.  

To add to our collection we have once again made available a selection of beautiful David Austin Roses.

Alongside these and many other great varieties, we have also managed to secure plenty of ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ for the 2020 season. ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ has fully double bright pink flowers with a strong old rose scent. Blooms appear in large quantities throughout the summer. This beauty of a rose is a Shrub Rose (1m) or it can make a short climber (up to 3m) if the seasonal trimming is kept to a minimum.

For more expert advice, please chat to our horticultural team and have a look at our current Rose booklet.

A few of our favourites for the 2020 season:

‘Blue For You’ (FL) as planted in our Bumblebee garden, ‘Duchess of Cornwall’ (HT), ‘Perennial Blue’ (repeat Rambler), ‘Perennial Blush’ (repeat Rambler) and ‘Scent From Heaven’ (Climber), ‘Scented Garden’ (FL), ‘Matador’ (GC) and finally, ‘Eye of the Storm’ (FL)