A Living Gift

We have some very unusual and alternative gift ideas for this Christmas. 

Visit our Glasshouse and you will discover these rather stylish glass baubles, living terrariums, planted with succulents and air plants.

Ria, our Plant Sales Area Supervisor, has written a little more information about each plant and why they suit this kind of stylish planting.

Air plants: Air plants are epiphytes which means that they live on tree branches, shrubs and rocks. They have no roots, so to absorb water they have fine hairs on their leaves. These are low maintenence plants and very easy plants to keep. To look after them place in bright light, either mist them with water or dunk them in water, add a little liquid houseplant food to the water every few weeks when they are actively growing in the warmer months.

Succulents: Succulents need no introduction, these are easy to care for plants, which require very little watering because they come from very arid environments. We have chosen Echeveria to feature in our baubles because there are such a stunning array of varieties. Place in bright light, water very sparingly if the leaves start to feel soft and don’t allow water to sit in the rosette.