A Haze of Hydrangeas

It is the summer months when we see the very best of the hydrangeas, in all their glory. When other flowering trees, shrubs and perennials are beginning to take a back step, like old friends, the hydrangea reappears faithfully without a fuss.

We are particularly excited this year as we again have this newish group of Hydrangeas coming into stock, the Hydrangea ‘Black Diamond Series’. They first emerged in 2014 and have proved very popular and reliable. The superb dark leaves (nearly black) makes them stand out where ever you place these plants. The large lace-cap flower comes in shades of pink, red and burgundy, depending on the soil type and variety.

In recent years, the dark purple stem (and green-leafed) varieties have increased in popularity, possibly because of the way it offers a deliciously deep contrast to our abundantly verdant borders.

We must point out that we have a particularly fabulous, mature specimen called Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Zorro’ (a lace cap type) planted to the right of our café terrace, bordering our kitchen garden. In full flower at present, it displays on our acid site a very vibrant blue, not to be missed when visiting the nursery. The blue hydrangea continues to be a firm favourite amongst us gardeners and we have a number of varieties available for sale.

Mentioned in a previous article back in 2017: https://www.duchyofcornwallnursery.co.uk/diary/hydrangea-blues the critical elements to keeping your hydrangeas blue is the soil acidity and the availability of aluminium for the plant. Please ask one of the nursery team for further advice.

For those who prefer something less bold and blue, we also have the delicate-looking but just as hardy Hydrangea paniculata ‘Little Lime’ which bears beautiful very tight lime green conical panicles of flowers maturing to a pretty shade of pink later in the summer.

We’ve also picked out a lace-cap Hydrangea ‘Deep Purple Dance’ which bears semi-double purple flowers with an unusual pale centre, set with lime green leaves, it’s colour will change depending on your soil, but it is an excellent coastal plant, withstanding salt and prevailing winds.

Finally, we’ve chosen the lace-cap Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Juno’ which bears large flattened mauve to violet flowers in acid soils and deep pink in alkaline soil. Another fantastic coastal plant.

From mop-heads, lace-caps to standards and climbers, there is a whole host of varieties and colours ranging from blues, pinks to soft whites, available here at the nursery, all of excellent quality and ready to adorn your garden.