Christmas Trees

Our locally grown, premium Noble Fir Christmas trees will be available from Friday 22nd November so be quick to come and choose your tree then let us wrap it and pack it into your car. Sizes from 4ft and upwards and from only £35.99.

The Noble fir has long been considered the "King" of Christmas trees. Its majestic beauty, rich fragrance, well-shaped conical form and perfectly spaced branches make it the first choice for a cut tree.

Noble fir trees have with well-spaced, sturdy branches that are perfect for hanging decorations. The firm needles are usually an inch in length, and tend to fold upward on the branch, exposing both the bluish-green tint on top and the variegated silvery-white colour on the underside. When you brush past it, its scent is pleasantly strong and long-lasting.

The Noble fir has excellent needle retention and when placed in a 50:50 water lemonade/mix and kept away from radiators, has a long lifespan in the home.

Fun Fact

Noble firs were used in the frame construction of the Royal Air Force Mosquito planes used in WWII.